Background Info

I work full time as a Journeyman Toolmaker.  I have been machining since I left high school. That would have been 1984.  Shortly after my wife and I bought our lake home, I bought my first outboard.

After that purchase I did my research and I found the AOMCI, known as The Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc., found here: Absolutely the best place to get info about your old motors bar none. 

I have always found a way to get the job done, but some jobs require the proper tools. That is where this story begins.  Frank Robb, a fellow AOMCI member, had been making reproduction service tools 

for the classic OMC’s, 

    Well, Frank has decided to step away from that endeavor to pursue his “bucket” list. 

 When I found out Frank was stepping down, I offered to step up. I purchased his jigs, fixtures and prints and now  I will continue the tradition of excellence set before me. 

I, like Frank, do this in my spare time, as I have a full time day job. I will do my best to keep items in stock, and when not in stock, I will do my best to keep the wait time to a minimum. I promise to continue his legacy of top quality tools at reasonable cost.