Specific Seal puller info

These pullers are for the upper crank shaft seal only, they do not work for lower crank shaft nor any of the gear case seals within the lower unit. The lower unit seal puller is much more involved to duplicate and the cost would be prohibitive to reproduce.


There are motors that do not have an upper crank shaft seal per say, they used what was called a slinger. These pullers do not work for those motors.  If you are not sure if your motor has a seal or a slinger, goto www.marineengine.com and look it up, for those motors that do have a seal, see the following:

I have one seal puller that works for 5 hp, 6 hp and 9.5 hp motors.

I have a second seal puller that works for 18-35 hp motors.

I have a 3rd seal puller for the 9.9 and 15 hp motors.

I am still working thru getting the 40 seal puller completed.

Seal Pullers are $50 each plus shipping.

I will from this point forward, March 25, 2019, offer a one year replacement warranty on defective seal pullers. 

They will be marked with a code telling me when they were made/shipped, that info will be in a database to hopefully prevent fraud.

I will require proof of the defective tool and at times require its return. 

If I require the potentially defective tools return, I will pay postage.

Buyer will be responsible for shipping of replacement tool. 

I will combine shipping whenever possible.